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Don't forget the 2016 AGM at The Toongabbie Sports Club starting at 7.00 pm on Monday 28th November 2016.  We hope you enjoyed our 50th Anniversary Year.  We look forward to seeing you back in 2017 playing at our special community football club -  Pendle Hill FC.

Our Vision: Pendle Hill Football Club will remain a leading club in the football community, with a growing reputation for excellent coach and player development and effective club administration.

Our Mission Statement: The purpose of the Pendle Hill Football Club is to provide a supportive and safe environment for members to develop and mature through football participation as players, coaches, managers, referees and supporters.   We wish to foster and provide opportunities for all ages to enjoy a lifetime involvement with the World Game.  Football will be coached, played and supported in accordance with the spirit of the game, represented by fair play and sportsmanship and be, above all, fun at all levels from juniors to seniors.  Coaches will be supported and encouraged to create and maintain a positive learning environment during both training and matches, demonstrated by an educational focus, calm player instruction and an emphasis on participation.  Success will be measured through resulting improvements in football peformance, not just match outcomes.

Our Values:  The members of Pendle Hill Football Club have a reputation for being inclusive and welcoming.  We do not support a "win at all costs" philosophy - particpation, learning and enjoyment of the game of football are priorities.  We believe being part of Pendle Hill Football Club is a familiy affair.  We rely on our parents and players to volunteer in order to provide a quality experience for our players, both juniors and seniors.  We hope that everyone will enjoy being part of a great club and its football community.  We value respect for team mates, opposition players, coaches, managers and officials.  We believe in fair play according to the rules and spirit of sportsmanship.  We encourage education for coaches, players and managers in a supportive team environment.  We value a culture of mature, responsible behaviour at all levels and promote, as a strong community value, our stance on non-violent behaviour and positive role-modeling for young people.  We endorse the Granville District Soccer Football Association's, Football NSW's and Football Federation of Australia's codes of conduct for players, coaches, parents and referees.


Heartbeat of Football Logo 

Promoting heart health through sport, Heartbeat of Football aims to help men and women play their chosen sport for as long as possible … safely.

Initially, the focus will be on football codes. In Australia, it is believed there have been 10 cases of heart-related deaths related to amateur football in the past two years.

There is a tendency to focus on health issues only after a tragedy. Heartbeat of Football would like to change this by proactively preparing as many people as possible for such an event as ever-increasing members of community see the benefits of, and enjoy taking part in, amateur sport.

Heartbeat of Football (HOF) is a not-for-profit organisation established in early 2016 by Andy Paschalidis. It aims to promote healthy hearts in sport via player education, the minimisation of health risks and the installation of defibrillators on all sporting fields around the country.

Check out Tim Cahill's involvement by click on the following links:  TimCahillfatherheartattack.docx ; TimCahillZapstandMedia.docx ; ;

For further information go to or

Click Here for the 2016 End of Year Report (Be patient as it is a large file and takes a little time to load completely).

Latest Tiger Tales - Number 16 2016

For other editions of the Tiger Tales go to the "Library"

*** Ground Status Update 19/9/2016 - 2.45 pm ***

Fields 1, 2, 3 and 4 are OPEN at Binalong Park.

Coaches & Managers

The next meeting is the AGM at the Toongabbie Sports Club starting at 7.00 pm on Monday 28th November 2016.  It is a must that all teams have at least one representative attend.

Note: All coaches and managers are required to have a working with children check.  Click on the link below for  an online application form:

Note:  For Coaches Code of Conduct Form go to the "Library" or Click Here       

New 2016 Strip PHFC

Our New 50th Anniversary Strip Proudly Worn By Chris Anderson's 35/3's


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